We believe good design is good business.

Keen's foundation is rooted in original design. Whether

you're a small business, start-up, or and established enterprise we believe its essential to utilize branding, web, and design to drive results and overcome challenges to

make change.

What we're about...

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    Building lasting partnerships

    We treat each business we work with like it's our own, treating our clients as partners. We are always coming up with new ideas, plans and strategizing along the way.

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    Good design with purpose

    Good design should always have clear intentions and direct purpose. We never deliver a design "just to get it out". We always provide top quality thoughtful work that drives results

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    Under promise and over deliver

    Too often people say one thing and do another. At Keen we believe in doing exactly what we said we would and then some. We want you to tell the world about us, so we go to the moon and back.


We are...

Keen is a full-service creative agency, but we're much more than that. Our experience in business development, marketing, and product development has positioned Keen as an invaluable partner. We inject all our experiences in all our work with our clients, and it shows. This reason is why Keen's branding and design is always done with purpose; all relative elements are considered. We dive deep into our clients needs and their goals, we search all the nooks and crannies for any holes and thats where we make the biggest difference. 

What makes Keen different?

  • We're a Partner

    We like to think of ourselves as your right-hand. We always say "Your success is our success", and that couldn't be more true. Without you there is no us. We do everything possible to assist you with any and all needs.

  • Business Collaborators

    We do more than just brand and design, we’re strategic jedi's that help qualify the necessary choices to succeed and advise you on the course of action most suited for success. 

  • Extensive Experience

    Working in so many different industries over the years has seasoned our creative process. The more you've seen and done the more you can prepare for in the future. Yea we're seasoned.

  • Meaningful Design

    We define what we do with logical thinking but our results promote change through inspiration and subconscious reference. Our minds remember subtle nuances we didnt even think about. We use these associations subtly in all our work.

  • Credibility Creators

    For us, there is nothing more rewarding than seeing our clients reach their true potential. Sometimes all it takes is a little credibility push to get over that hump. We love being your guide.

  • We're cool people

    Or so we've been told. We love what we do, so we have fun while we're working. We value our relationships with our clients and operate on trust, honor and respect.




How we get there

Let's be serious, we would be here all day if we explained how we do everything. It take a lot to get ready for space travel but here is a quick overview.



We spend the time to understand the clients, markets, products attitudes and processes. This data helps us to sculpt the correct plan to success for each client, and each project.



Once we have our initial gathering of information, we hit the drawing boards to create a tailored path to achieving our clients goals.



All the preparation is finally ready to be put into action. At this time clients begin to see all of the projects come to life from graphics to websites and everything in between.



After execution we will revisit our projects to determine effectiveness utilizing newly gathered data collected post project launch. We will work together to optimize our clients plan.


Our work

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